Jack of all metaverse-trades Chase Chapman discusses her experience working for DAOs, how DAO tooling and governance can improve, and drops a hot take about Discord. Chase brings a unique perspective to Unchained as a co-founder and advisor at Decentology, host of On the Other Side podcast, and active DAO contributor at Orca, Index Coop, and Rabbit Hole. Show topics:

  • how Chase got into crypto
  • new avenues for bringing more women into crypto
  • how DAOs change the nature of work
  • how Chase gets paid – and why her accountants might start ducking her calls
  • why Chase is passionate about DAOs having a core set of values
  • why Chase thinks terms like “permissionless” and “decentralized” should not be used to describe DAOs
  • what DAOs can learn from corporate structures
  • why Chase is coming around to the idea that DAOs might not need a single HR department
  • how DAOs are dealing with inactive whale token holders versus DAO contributors (who own smaller amounts of token)
  • what suggestions Chase has for some of the recent big DAO controversies involving Ethereum Name Service and SushiSwap
  • the role of anonymity in DAOs
  • which DAO tools Chase is impressed with and what SnapShot has in common with Wikipedia
  • why Discord is not that bad for DAO management
  • how Chase envisions DAOs and NFTs intersecting in the future
  • what DAO trends Chase is looking forward to in the coming months


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