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In this episode of Unchained, Alex Pack, managing partner at Hack VC discusses the firm’s recent $150 million fundraise, the challenges of raising capital in a bear market, and the firm’s focus on early-stage Web3 infrastructure. He also shares his thoughts on the intersection of crypto and AI, the future of DeFi, and the importance of security in the crypto space. Pack believes that the current infrastructure of crypto is still in its early stages and needs significant improvement before it can reach mainstream adoption. He also sees potential in the development of more secure smart contracts and the integration of AI into decentralized applications.

Show highlights:

  • How Hack VC was able to raise $150 million in a bear market, especially after the blowups of FTX, 3AC, and Terra
  • Alex’s interaction with SBF, whom he calls a “sociopath,” and why he didn’t invest in FTX
  • Hack VC’s philosophy to “back hackers” in crypto
  • The goals behind Zuzalu, the new community that resembles Balaji Srinivasan’s idea of a network state
  • What the main focus of Hack VC’s investments are, including scalability, AI, and DeFi
  • Why Alex believes that “we are still so early”
  • How Alex believes crypto and artificial intelligence will intersect
  • The role of AI agents and how to use them in decentralized applications
  • Why he thinks that EigenLayer is a great solution for middleware applications
  • Alex’s opinion on the modular vs. monolithic approach for scaling blockchains
  • How DeFi survived the last bear market, contrasted with the collapses of CeFi companies like Celsius, BlockFi and FTX
  • Whether algorithmic stablecoins can ever work and what Alex thinks of Ethena’s USDe
  • How to improve security in crypto, according to Alex
  • Why the outcome of the Bitcoin ETFs exceeded Alex’s expectations
  • What he believes the catalysts are for the next bull market

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New fund


EigenLayer ecosystem

Modular vs. monolithic approach

Crypto x AI crossover


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