Kevin Zhou, cofounder of Galois Capital, and Jesse Powell, cofounder of Kraken, talk about why FTX collapsed, the warning signs, and whether it’s a catalyst for self-custodial adoption. 

Show highlights:

  • the root causes of the FTX collapse, according to Jesse and Kevin
  • whether there were warning signs of all the risks that were to come
  • the importance of learning from mistakes, even for new people in the space
  • Kevin’s response to the stuck funds in FTX
  • the debate about utilitarianism and SBF’s effective altruism
  • whether the philosophy behind founders matters
  • Kevin’s and Jesse’s theories of how FTX and Alameda lost billions of dollars
  • how Alameda and FTX’s books were commingled 
  • whether people will start using self-custodial wallets
  • whether the fall of FTX vindicates BTC maximalism
  • whether regulation has been beneficial or harmful for American customers
  • the role of venture capital firms and their “mixed incentives”

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