Ram Ahluwalia, CEO and cofounder at Lumida, talks about the ongoing dispute between Gemini and Digital Currency Group (DCG), specifically focusing on the actions and statements of DCG CEO Barry Silbert and Gemini’s cofounder Cameron Winklevoss. Ram discusses various aspects of the conflict, including the potential commingling of assets between DCG and its subsidiary Genesis and the options available to Gemini if DCG does not cooperate.

Show highlights:

  • how Cameron Winklevoss’s tweets attempt to put Barry Silbert in the same class of actors as Celsius and BlockFi
  • whether the assets of DCG and Genesis are commingled
  • what Gemini’s options are if DCG does not commit to cooperate
  • whether Gemini will file an involuntary petition for Genesis to enter chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • why Barry’s statement that DCG didn’t borrow $1.675 billion from Genesis is “very surprising” to Ram
  • why it is relevant whether Genesis has a liquidity issue or an insolvency one
  • whether a class-action lawsuit alleging Gemini’s earn product is an unregistered security has any merit
  • the essential role of the $1.1 billion promissory note and whether Genesis will drag DCG into bankruptcy
  • if DCG goes under, what would happen to Grayscale
  • whether Valkyrie is going to become the hero and save GBTC
  • why DCG needs to accept the credit committee terms, according to Ram


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