Welcome to The Chopping Block – where crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Tom Schmidt, Robert Leshner, and Tarun Chitra explore the latest trends in crypto. This episode covers the anticipated Ether ETF Approval and its market impact, Biden’s evolving crypto policy, and the bipartisan repeal of SAB-121. We debate the controversy around High FDV Low Float Tokens and discuss the DOJ indictment for a $25 million MEV exploit. Tune in for insights on memecoin performance, the role of prediction markets in politics, and the increasing participation of retail investors in the crypto market.

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Show highlights

🔹 Crypto Regulation: In-depth discussion on SEC Crypto Guidance, focusing on SAB-121 and its implications for the crypto and banking sectors.

🔹 Ethereum ETF News: Examination of the anticipated Ether ETF Approval, the political motivations behind it, and potential market implications.

🔹 Biden Administration Crypto Stance: Analysis of Biden’s evolving crypto policy, bipartisan repeal of SAB-121, and how these shifts might affect the upcoming elections.

🔹 High FDV Low Float Tokens: Debate on the controversy surrounding high FDV low float tokens, recent market downturns, and potential market structure issues.

🔹 MEV Exploit DOJ: Overview of the DOJ indictment of two brothers for a $25 million MEV exploit, exploring the legal and ethical implications.

🔹 Memecoin Performance: Insights into current market trends, including the performance of memecoins versus VC-backed tokens, and predictions on future regulatory impacts.

🔹 Prediction Markets in Politics: Exploration of how prediction markets are influencing political stances, particularly Trump’s pro-crypto stance and its effects on voter behavior.

🔹 Impact of Regulation on Crypto: Discussion on the increased participation of retail investors in the crypto market and its broader implications.


⭐️Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner at Dragonfly

⭐️Tom Schmidt, General Partner at Dragonfly
⭐️Robert Leshner, CEO & Co-founder of Superstate

⭐️Tarun Chitra, Managing Partner at Robot Ventures




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