On-chain sleuth ZachXBT uncovered 114 memecoin scams created by a single wallet address in under two months.

In a tweet shared on Wednesday, ZachXBT shared the names and smart contracts of a plethora of meme cryptocurrencies tied to a single deposit address.

“I suspect there are more too. These are just ones sent to that deposit address lol,” tweeted the anonymous blockchain researcher.

ZachXBT was also unable to calculate the profit made from each of these scam tokens because the creator splits up funds into alternate wallets.

“Seems like he deposits from [C]oinbase 2.5-3 ETH every time for gas fees and LP, Rugs the chart, pulls usually on average (as seen from 4-5 transactions) 0.1 – 0.2 ETH of profit, transfers back to wallet listed above and withdraw to [C]oinbase. Then REPEAT same process,” concluded Ninja Lounge.

One user who analyzed the funds sent to the address concluded that at least 318 ETH was made through this meme coin scam.

It would also appear that the user behind the wallet in question doesn’t seem too concerned about covering their tracks, with blockchain data showing that some of the stolen funds are sent to crypto exchange Coinbase.

According to ZachXBT, the smaller transaction amounts likely flew under the exchange’s radar. However, the user’s identity can still be tracked down if they didn’t use a fake KYC to register with the exchange.

A separate analysis from Twitter user “CoinGurruu” posted earlier in the day shows that another wallet address executed a similar strategy over the course of two years.