Kyle Samani, managing partner of Multicoin Capital, talks about what got him really excited at this week’s Zcon0 conference for Zcash — primarily, technologies that could make possible a future of massively scalable blockchains featuring default private transactions that would still make possible selective viewing to, say, auditors. He also recaps the major incidents around EOS’s launch and how the community plans to change its governance, by trying out a new ethos of “intent of code” is law. We also discuss whether or not it’s even possible to enforce that and how EOS’s governance system compares to the one in Bitcoin. Finally, we also touch on some of the news around VCs investing in crypto, starting with some of the biggest news this week — Kathryn Haun’s appointment as the new GP of Andreessen Horowitz, where she will be co-managing its new crypto fund — and the various strategies that VC firms are using to invest in crypto.

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