This is a recording of a panel discussion I participated in with a couple other reporters and crypto PR people at Consensus. (It was at the same time as Jack’s talk, so it’s totally understandable if you missed it. Also, the room was freezing. I was shivering the entire time.) The other panelists were Leigh Cuen of CoinDesk, Avi Salzman of Barron’s (and my old classmate from grad school!), Jill Richmond of Spark PR, Trey Ditto of Ditto PR, and the discussion was moderated by Frank Chaparro of Business Insider. We discussed whether or not crypto projects and publications should engage in pay to play (I would have hoped the answer to this would obvious to everyone, but alas), coverage that could cause investors to lose money, whether or not the business model of the media industry drives clickbait headlines and why journalists have a responsibility to include more of the nuances in crypto. We also dish up some practical tips and insider info, like how crypto projects can get media coverage, what factors reporters use in deciding whether or not to write about a project they’re pitched, and whether or not crypto teams should hire crypto-specific PR firms.

Apologies that there was no mic for the questions from the audience. I’ve left the questions in, as you can sometimes hear them faintly. I tried my best to have someone or myself recap each question.

For the question about our favorite stories, these were the articles we named

My favorite of mine: my phone hijacking story:

Leigh liked a series I did exposing fake advisors:

Leigh’s favorite stories: Cryptocurrency in Iran:

Cryptocurrency for sex workers:

Avi’s favorite story:

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