Joseph Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and cofounder of Ethereum, discusses ConsenSys’s acquisition this week of JPMorgan’s blockchain solution, Quorum. In this episode, he talks about:

  • why JPMorgan sold Quorum to ConsenSys, and how that fits into ConsenSys’s larger enterprise offerings
  • who Quorum’s clients are and what it is used for
  • whether or not ConsenSys is also acquiring the Quorum team
  • how the acquisition fits in with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and its standards-based approach to blockchain enterprise development
  • how much JPMorgan invested into ConsenSys
  • how much ConsenSys is raising
  • how the Quorum acquisition fits into ConsenSys’s larger restructuring into two main arms focused on software development and venture activity
  • how the pandemic has affected ConsenSys’s business
  • the recent outcry over MetaMask’s changes to its licensing structure and how it may eventually monetize with a token
  • his thoughts on Ethereum’s five-year anniversary and where it is headed with Ethereum 2.0


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