Jonathan Padilla, the CEO of Snickerdoodle, engaged in a comprehensive discussion with Laura on Unchained Premium.

In the conversation, Padilla reflected on his entrance into the cryptocurrency world and the inception of Snickerdoodle. He underscored the inherent complexities of building a Web3 business with limited data resources.

Snickerdoodle’s proposed solution is a unique data leasing strategy to confront a significant infrastructure problem within the Web3 landscape. Padilla also discussed Snickerdoodle’s choice to build relationships with key partners over a more conventional B2C approach. One of Snickerdoodle’s objectives is to allow individuals to monetize their data, hinting at the potential for a new type of private sector Universal Basic Income.

Alongside, Padilla addressed Snickerdoodle’s dedication to data privacy and efforts to safeguard against unauthorized data exposure. Finally, he shared his viewpoint on the perceived reluctance among US Senators to interact with cryptocurrencies.