During my research for The Cryptopians, I found information that I believe identifies the perpetrator behind The DAO hack on Ethereum. Three founding members of The DAO and Slock.it (Christoph Jentzsch, Lefteris Karapetsas, Griff Green) discuss how and why they created The DAO, how they helped save the funds being siphoned off by black hat hackers, their personal feelings about The DAO, along with their reaction to the news about who I believe was The DAO attacker. Show topics:

Part 1: Background on The DAO

  • Christoph, Lefteris, and Griff’s background and how they came to Slock.it
  • what Slock.it was and why the Slock.it team decided to create The DAO
  • what The DAO has to do with venture capital funding
  • why the Slock.it team did not cap The DAO sale
  • what made The DAO such a popular investment vehicle
  • why The DAO developers were scared at the amount of money they raised

Part 2: 

  • what Christoph, Lefteris, and Griff’s initial reaction to The DAO was
  • saving funds from The DAO via a hard fork versus white hat hacking
  • whether they thought Ethereum Classic would survive a hard fork
  • how the Ethereum community has treated Christoph, Griff, and Lefteris in the wake of The DAO attack

Part 3:

  • why they disagree on whether code is law
  • their reaction to my naming Toby Hoenisch as The DAO attacker
  • which actor would play them in a movie about The DAO attack
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