ETH staking began in December 2020. With Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade, which could happen as early as mid-April, withdrawals of staked ETH will finally be enabled. Will validators rush to cash out? Or will Shanghai bring more institutional stakers into the fold? Christine Kim, VP of research at Galaxy Digital, joins the show to discuss how Etheruem’s latest upgrade will affect the network, and maybe even ETH’s price.

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Show highlights:

  • how Christine became an Ethereum expert
  • what you need to know about Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade
  • when Shanghai is expected to go live on mainnet
  • what the difference is between Shanghai and Capella
  • possible outcomes following the activation of staked ETH withdrawals
  • whether Shanghai makes ETH staking more attractive to institutions
  • why Christine thinks there won’t be much impact on ETH’s price
  • how Shanghai will impact liquid staking providers
  • upgrades that are coming to Lido and Rocket Pool
  • what will happen in Ethereum’s subsequent upgrade: Cancun
  • what “proto-danksharding” is and how it will help Ethereum scale
  • what New York Attorney General Letitia James got wrong when she said ETH is a security
  • how Ethereum development has become more and more decentralized over the years
  • the next steps in Ethereum’s roadmap
  • why Christine is still concerned about Lido and staking centralization
  • what zkEVMs are and why they play a key role in the future of Ethereum scaling


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Christine Kim, Vice president of research at Galaxy Digital



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