In this episode of Unchained Premium, Elena Nadolinski, CEO of Iron Fish Foundation, discussed Iron Fish, a new privacy-centric layer 1 blockchain. Nadolinski believes that privacy is a critical aspect of the crypto ecosystem, and outlined how Iron Fish’s chain-agnostic nature enables privacy across multiple blockchains, even allowing for private transactions with assets like Bitcoin.

Nadolinski explained her background and the reasons for establishing Iron Fish as a ‘privacy platform for crypto’, despite the existence of many layer 1 platforms already. She shed light on how Iron Fish can facilitate private Bitcoin transactions without needing a mixer, and the use cases they envisage for the network.

Addressing potential concerns, Nadolinski discussed how Iron Fish is working to prevent aiding the growth of the darknet while maintaining its privacy-focused approach. She outlined the platform’s advantages and reiterated her belief that privacy is the most significant challenge to be addressed in the web3 landscape today.