Aleksander Larsen, co-founder and COO of Axie Infinity, discusses Axie Infinity’s recent growth, which has seen the platform do 20X the volume of NBA Top Shot in recent days. Show highlights:

  • what is Axie Infinity?
  • why there has been such an uptick in network activity and profitability
  • how the Axie Infinity team came together 
  • how Axie Infinity uses blockchain technology within its game
  • how Axie Infinity leverages the ‘play to earn’ mania sweeping across Web3 applications
  • what problems may arise as Axie Infinity starts to decentralize 
  • how Axie Infinity is attempting to lower the expensive barrier to entry that comes with blockchain-based games
  • why the Philippines is going crazy for Axie Infinity
  • why building out a sidechain has been such a positive development for the company
  • the two ways Axie Ininity makes money
  • what’s next for Axie Infinity

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