Nick Johnson, lead developer at the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), talks about making Ethereum human-readable, why Budweiser purchased an NFT, how purchasing an ENS works, and more. Show highlights:

  • what ENS does and why it is important
  • why Budweiser bought “beer.eth”
  • how ENS names can be used to make Ethereum easier to use
  • what business use cases ENS names make possible
  • what made Nick want to create a naming service on Ethereum
  • how people are using their ENS names
  • why people are purchasing ENS names
  • what privacy issues arise from people attaching their name to an ETH address
  • what happens when Ethereum addresses get spammed with unwanted tokens
  • how to buy an ENS name and how much it costs
  • how ENS handles squatters
  • what happens when you lose access to an address holding an ENS name
  • how ENS is integrating normal domains (ex: “.com”) to Ethereum
  • what ENS has planned for L2 launches

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