The full video for my event with Vitalik is out now. If you caught the livestream which was missing the first 25 minutes, I highly recommend you go back to watch the beginning, since that was the best part! Also, this week, I interviewed SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce at an event at NYU Stern. The audio of that conversation will be out next week.

This week, while there was plenty of news relating to all the speculation in the space — fake volumes on exchanges, failed IPO attempts and failed ICO attempts — there were also glimmers of people actually starting to use blockchain technology in interesting ways. But, as you’ll hear in this week’s Unconfirmed, getting people to participate is another story.

This Week’s Crypto News…

Why 95% Fake Trading Volumes Isn’t Being Called FUD

When I sent this news out in last week’s newsletter, I hadn’t yet had a chance to read the 226-page report, which, FYI, goes by quickly and demonstrates that a good graphic is worth a thousand words. Bitwise takes the position that, while 95% of reported trading is faked, the remaining 5% on honest spot exchanges is comparable to that of the spot market for gold, which has an ETF. And now, Messari is all about sussing out real volumes.

Bitmain IPO Application Expires

This giant of Bitcoin mining, currently in a slump, probably could have used the cash, but, alas, a public raise is not to be for the moment. (Listen to the Unconfirmed episode about Bitmain.)

Coinbase Custody Announces Staking for Tezos and MakerDAO Governance

Coinbase is adding on to its core business storing customer funds to making it possible for them to actively participate in crypto networks. And the coins will be in “fully insured cold storage,” according to CoinDesk.

Pantera’s Investor Letter Shows Why Investment Isn’t Letting Up

One of crypto’s oldest investment firms closes a new fund and shows where they’re setting their sights. (Listen to the Unconfirmed episode with Dan Morehead of Pantera.)

Gitcoin Experiments With Funding Open Source Software Development

Gitcoin is working on funding open source software development using blockchain technology and has so far seen some interesting results.

One More, Quasi-Insider, Perspective on the QuadrigaCX Saga

“In 2015, I was QuadrigaCX’s regulatory attorney,” writes Christine Duhaime in CoinDesk.

ICYMI: Failed ICO for Sale on eBay!

Well, if there’s anything you can say about the ICO craze, it is that people got creative — and this is no exception.