Some users of, a decentralized social network that lets people buy and sell “keys” linked to their X accounts, reported being exploited in a SIM swap attack on Tuesday. 

A SIM swap attack occurs when a scammer tricks a phone carrier into switching another user’s mobile number to a SIM in his or her possession. Once the scammer has gained control over the user’s mobile number, they can change the passwords to all of the victim’s accounts that require two-factor authentication.

A number of users targeted by the SIM-swap attacker reported having their ETH stolen from their accounts on the platform.

“If your Twitter account is doxxed to your real name, your phone number can be found, and this could happen to you,” wrote X user “@darengb.”

“I opened FriendTech and thought there was a bug because my Chat was empty, I tried looking at Octav and then saw someone else’s tweet about SIM swapping on FT [] and that’s when I realized what had happened.”

Reports of funds being drained on started as early as last week, but the attacker doesn’t seem to be close to stopping. The scammer has netted over 234 ETH, worth around $385,000, from four different users over a 24-hour period, according to blockchain transaction data traced by on-chain sleuth ZachXBT.

ZachXBT has previously warned of SIM swap attacks that have targeted people in the crypto space, with a reported $13.3 million having been stolen through 54 SIM swaps. Included in the list of SIM Swap victims were the Aptos Network, PleasrDAO and Metis DAO.

It is worth noting that itself is not at risk, nor has the code on its platform been exploited by hackers. Although SMS two-factor authentication is widely regarded as an added safety measure, in this case, it seems that it was the downfall of users who added that as a security option.

“When an account is compromised, scammers attempt to create a sense of urgency with a fake claim to drain your assets. Never use SMS 2FA and instead use an authenticator app or security key to secure accounts,” said ZachXBT in an August X post.