SnowTrace, a blockchain explorer for Avalanche, will shut down the version powered by Etherscan at the end of next month.

In an announcement on Monday, the SnowTrace team asked users to save backups of information like Private Name Tags and Contract Verification details before the Nov. 30 deadline, when the service will officially be discontinued.

The block explorer is powered by Etherscan’s Explorer-as-a-Serivice (EaaS) toolkit, which provides a fully managed block explorer and API solution for blockchains. 

SnowTrace did not specify the reason behind the decision to sunset the service, but some of the potential factors motivating the move could be the expiry or non-renewal of an EaaS service agreement, limited traffic or insufficient team bandwidth. 

“Yup. Moving onto something better,” said Phillip Liu Jr., head of strategy and operations at Ava Labs, on X.

An update from Avalache’s official X account revealed that the Etherscan-based block explorer would be replaced by a new version run by the Avascan explorer team. The new block explorer will reportedly run a similar interface and support all C-Chains and Subnets, with a live demo of “” already available to test.

“New explorer with subnet support and also multichain! Imagine DeBank and etherscan in one product,” said Liu Jr.