Crypto traders, early adopters, and airdrop farmers have claimed more than 46.2 million EIGEN tokens worth about $359 million in the first three days of EigenLayer’s highly-anticipated airdrop that went live on Friday, according to blockchain analytics firm Flipside Crypto. 

Roughly 108,000 wallet addresses claimed those tokens, and of these addresses, one identified as belonging to Tron founder Justin Sun claimed more than two million EIGEN, worth about $16.2 million, on Saturday, making him the second-largest wallet claimer, per Flipside Crypto, onchain analytics firm Nansen, and blockchain explorer Etherscan.

While they’re unable to transfer out their EIGEN currently (that is expected to happen around Sept. 30, after key payments and slashing features are well-established), token holders can stake their Eigen  to increase the security of the platform. As a result, 76,000 wallet addresses have staked 35.8 million EIGEN, worth about $278 million, of the total claimed tokens, data from Flipside Crypto shows.

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At press time, about 37.4 million EIGEN tokens worth $290 million remains unclaimed at pre-market trading prices. Those who received an airdrop allocation of EIGEN can’t send their EIGEN to other addresses. However, they can trade EIGEN perpetual futures, which don’t have expiration dates, on decentralized exchanges Aevo and Hyperliquid, venues that enable people to speculate on the asset’s future price.  

EigenLayer is the second largest decentralized finance protocol with a total value locked of $14.7 billion, trailing behind liquid staking protocol Lido but ahead of lending protocol Aave, per DefiLlama. The price of EIGEN perpetual futures on Aevo has decreased about 14% from $9.07 on Friday to $7.77 on Monday.