Dillon Chen, CEO of Edgeware, talks about how the network is distributing its tokens via a “lockdrop” in which people can lock up ether for certain time periods in order to obtain Edgeware tokens, why it chose to do so and how that could affect the distribution of the tokens. We also discuss how even people with ether frozen in the Parity multi-sig wallet can still use those funds to obtain Edgeware tokens. Plus, he describes what Edgeware tokens will be used for and how it fits in the Polkadot ecosystem.

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Episode links:

Edgeware: https://edgewa.re

Dillon Chen: https://twitter.com/dillchen

Edgeware lockdrop: https://edgewa.re/lockdrop/

Edgeware blog post on lockdrops: https://medium.com/commonwealth-labs/whats-in-a-lockdrop-194218a180ca

CoinDesk article on the lockdrop: https://www.coindesk.com/1confirmation-canaan-partners-back-startup-pushing-new-spin-on-airdrops

Frozen funds: https://www.parity.io/a-postmortem-on-the-parity-multi-sig-library-self-destruct/amp/