Do Kwon, the founder of the failed Terra blockchain, is being hunted down by a vigilante investor, according to the Financial Times.

The list of groups of people who are looking for Do Kwon keeps increasing. Apart from being wanted by South Korean authorities and the Interpol, Kwon is now being searched by the UST Restitution Group, which is apparently working on tracking down the location of the Korean founder

One member of this group, Kang Hyung-suk, decided to take matters into his own hands and told the FT he will fly to Dubai to find the founder of Terra.

The UST Restitution Group was formed by Terra investors after the collapse of the blockchain in May and has a community of 4,400 members on a Discord channel. A group member said to the FT: “His days are numbered. We have people who are very, very close to Do Kwon.”

Kwon’s whereabouts are a big mystery, and it became a much bigger deal when South Korean authorities decided to issue an arrest warrant for him and also ordered him to surrender his passport.

However, in an interview with Laura Shin, Kwon said he has no intentions to reveal his location. 

Even though there is no evidence of Kwon’s location, the FT article mentions Russia, Azerbaijan, Seychelles and Mauritius as other alternatives in which Kwon might be living.