Justin Drake, researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, talks about the Merge, how this transition affects Bitcoin, where Ethereum’s road map is going, and more. 

Show highlights:

  • how Justin was feeling prior to and during the Merge
  • whether the upgrade is complete or there are other things to watch out for
  • why Ethereum has slashing and why it is a better form of removing any attackers
  • the concern about centralization due to liquid staking derivatives providers, like Lido or Coinbase
  • how the Merge affects MEV and the long-term vision of proposer-builder separation
  • whether the Merge puts pressure on BTC to also transition to proof of stake
  • what impact ETH’s more deflationary nature will have on BTC’s narrative as digital gold
  • why Ethereum is the settlement layer for the internet of value
  • whether there is a winner take all dynamic in the blockchain industry
  • why Ethereum is more secure than Bitcoin, according to Justin
  • what Justin thinks about the ETHPoW fork and its team and the risks of interacting with the ETHPoW fork
  • the next steps in Ethereum’s roadmap

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