Gemini has accused Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert of fraud after allegedly misrepresenting the financials of his company. The accusations follow a dispute over the return of $900 million in assets owed to Gemini Earn’s users. Karim Dandashy, CFA and portfolio manager at XBTO Group, discusses everything about the ongoing drama between Genesis, its parent company DCG, and Gemini. 

Show highlights:

  • the fraud accusations against DCG CEO Barry Silbert
  • all the details disclosed in Barry’s response
  • whether Genesis will file for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
  • the meaning of the $1.1 billion promissory note being not callable
  • the EDNY and SEC investigation on transfers between DCG and a subsidiary – potentially Genesis
  • whether the 1% interest rate charged for the loan was suitable considering the nature of Genesis’ business
  • whether DCG could sell its venture investments to plug the hole
  • why Bitvavo rejected an offer from DCG to return 70% of the $300 million owed to them
  • what Karim would do if he was leading DCG 

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