Despite the fact that I was alternatively running around in a frenzy or intensely researching all things Ethereum for my live interview with Vitalik, I did manage to find this week’s crypto news highlights. But before we get there, I’m happy to say the first event for Unchained went really well. You can check out the photos here.

The full audio and video (the livestream only starts about 25 minutes in) will be out early next week — definitely watch if you can, as we had several fun interactive elements. (Ben from LA from the 100th episode — the one who wrote that poetic masterpiece about crypto and Unchained — makes an appearance of sorts!) And there are two moments that still have me going, “I can’t believe Vitalik said that!” Maybe you can figure out what they are.

In case you saw on Twitter, I started writing again for Forbes — I’ll be putting the show notes for Unchained there going forward, and doing the occasional article as long as it doesn’t take me away from my book for too long. Bookmark this page to check out my Forbes pieces!

As for crypto headlines, Square has not only fallen down the rabbit hole, it is #buidling down there. IBM embraces stablecoins, and gets banks to as well. Bakkt is on the back burner, but before you think this newsletter is only about big companies getting into crypto, MakerDAO keeps fiddling with the knobs. Finally, we find out why Crypto Twitter is so enamored with Andrew Yang.

This Week’s Crypto News…

Square Splash

Square Cash is hiring crypto engineers and funding open source Bitcoin development! And Jack finds the crypto community “really weird.” This was Crypto Twitter’s best take on the news. (Meanwhile, Ethereum debates a new proposal for funding its development …)

IBM’s Big Bank/Stablecoin News

Six banks, digital euros, digital Indonesian rupiah (Indonesia is the world’s fourth-largest country) and a payment network with payment locations in 72 countries. IBM is making some bold moves — and they have plans for more stablecoins, “many more” banks and “many more” fiat currencies “and even, eventually, central bank issued digital currencies.”

Regulatory Back Burner for Bakkt

“More than six months since Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) revealed its vision for Bakkt, the hotly anticipated bitcoin futures market is still awaiting regulatory approval,” says CoinDesk. Meanwhile, The Block reports its valuation is $740 million after its Series A.

Study: 95% of All Bitcoin Trading Is Faked

Bitwise’s study showing huge amounts of artificial trading on unregulated exchanges was sent to the SEC as part of its Bitcoin ETF application.

What Can Help Right MakerDAO?

Higher stability fees don’t seem to be cutting it.

Why Does Crypto Twitter Keep Tweeting About Andrew Yang?

Blame Neeraj. (Whose Yang Gang credentials were burnished by no less than the NYT!)

BTC vs. VC

Check out this great little tweetstorm about the merits of the Bitcoin mindset vs. the VC mindset.