MetaMask users in the U.S. can now use the payment service Stripe to transfer fiat currency into their crypto wallet, the company announced on Wednesday

The new MetaMask onramp will be powered by Link, Stripe’s one-click payment solution. Users can take advantage of the new service on the MetaMask mobile app, browser extension and MetaMask Portfolio.

The new partnership will make it easier for wallet holders to quickly convert and use their crypto in real-world settings.

MetaMask is used by over 30 million users worldwide and is the most popular “hot” self-custodial wallet, which means the wallets are internet-connected and the user holds their own private keys needed to access the assets rather than handing those keys over to a third party.

Self-custodial wallets gained in popularity after the collapse of centralized crypto exchange FTX, but the user experience can be a hurdle for those new to crypto trading. Adding integrations like Stripe can make the process easier and potentially bring in more users.

Last month, MetaMask added the ability for users to cash-out their crypto in fiat to PayPal and banks. The transfers are handled by crypto off-ramp providers MoonPay and Transact.