Base, a Layer 2 network created by crypto exchange Coinbase, has made its code repositories available to the public.

In a Thursday announcement, the team behind Base said the move to open source its code would be foundational to building an on-chain ecosystem, creating accountability, and enabling collaboration.

“By sharing our work openly, we enable the community to track our progress and ensure that we’re living up to our commitments,” said the Base team.  

Developers will now get access to the codebase, and will be able to experiment and build on existing tools built into the protocol.

The team behind the Layer 2 network has also made its web properties like and open source. 

“Through collaboration and transparency, we can accomplish the vision of bringing the next billion people onchain,” said the team. 

Since its launch in February, Base has quickly grown into the third-largest Layer 2 network with $549 million in Total Value Locked (TVL). However, its share of the Layer 2 market stands at around 5.22%, according to data from L2Beat, while players Arbitrum One and OP Mainnet command a collective 78% of the market. 

Base uses OP Labs’ Optimistic Rollup stack, and plans to onboard a million to a billion users. In this episode of The Chopping Block, Base creator Jesse Pollak talks about why it’s still “day one” for the network.