Surojit Chatterjee, chief product officer at Coinbase, comes to talk about what products Coinbase is building, how it can thrive in such a competitive landscape, how to onboard billions of users into crypto, and much more. 

Show highlights:

  • how Surojit got into crypto and ended up at Coinbase
  • what sets Coinbase apart from the competition
  • how to bring billions of customers to crypto 
  • Surojit’s mental model of a bridge between the fiat world and the crypto world
  • how Coinbase is integrating its main app with Web3
  • whether crypto can become a utility rather than an investment asset
  • how Coinbase is building a product in such a way that it attracts even “crypto-native” people
  • what happened with Coinbase NFT Marketplace’s failure and whether the company will keep investing in NFTs
  • whether Coinbase has lost crypto-embedded people among its employees
  • how the partnership with BlackRock indicates how far crypto has come
  • the amount of money that institutions could potentially pour into crypto
  • how Coinbase will prevent itself from having the largest percentage of staked ETH
  • how the company is monetizing the Coinbase wallet and what would happen to revenue if the trading volume were to move from the exchange to Coinbase wallet swaps
  • why Coinbase is suffering a decline in trading volume
  • whether Coinbase can compete with newer exchanges like FTX and Binance and why Surojit still thinks Coinbase will win
  • why it is important to keep investing and building through this crypto winter
  • Surojit’s take on the frontrunning of coins about to be listed on the platform
  • why the Howey test (which determines whether something is a security) is outdated
  • how Coinbase understands securities, and whether the firm thinks the tokens listed on the platform are securities
  • how can Coinbase compete with decentralized exchanges like Uniswap
  • why Surojit is worried about regulatory clarity and stablecoins
  • how hacks and security give the crypto industry a bad reputation
  • what Surojit’s dreams are for the industry

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