APhone, a cloud-based smartphone application, announced Thursday morning the rollout of its mainnet on layer 1 blockchain network Solana. The app’s goal is to make Web3 mobile content and apps more affordable and accessible, especially for those in emerging markets.

According to a press release shared with Unchained, APhone is a virtual mobile phone application that is powered by the distributed cloud infrastructure of Aethir, a cloud computing platform.

APhone comes pre-installed with various blockchain applications such as NFT marketplace Magic Eden, crypto exchange OKX, and social network Warpcast. “APhone is looking to deliver cloud-based GPU compute to ensure greater reach, stability and accessibility [to Web3] across regions, especially in emerging markets,” the press release said.

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The announcement comes almost three months after Solana Mobile revealed plans to release a second crypto-focused phone following the success of its first crypto-integrated Android smartphone, the Saga.

“We’re delighted to launch on Solana and support challenging the duopoly of Google Play and Apple’s App Store, whilst promoting self-custody and open platforms for crypto,” said Jennifer Booze, the former global head of business development at Polygon who now leads ecosystem development and growth for APhone.