Paxos CEO and cofounder Chad Cascarilla discusses his company’s partnership with PayPal, which just opened up its crypto purchase and selling product to all its US customers. In this episode, he covers:

  • how Paxos enables PayPal’s crypto product
  • the regulatory steps Paxos took to make this happen
  • why $200 billion company like PayPal would partner with a small company like Paxos
  • how Paxos Crypto Brokerage works 
  • how Paxos provides the regulatory cover that PayPal needs for this offering, along with custodial and liquidity services
  • why this product sources its coins on Paxos’s ItBit exchange
  • how the four crypto assets available on PayPal — bitcoin, ether, litecoin and bitcoin cash — were chosen
  • what other tokens one might expect to be offered through Paxos Crypto Brokerage, and possibly by extension by PayPal
  • how PayPal gets around the scaling issues on Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • whether Paxos’s stablecoin business might be used by PayPal
  • if PayPal does acquire BitGo, what that would mean for Paxos offering custody for PayPal through its brokerage
  • how Paxos’s equity settlement platform is going, and where it could go over time
  • how and why Paxos is applying to the SEC to become one of three clearing agents 


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