A bankruptcy judge has signed off on a settlement plan that will let Celsius Custody account holders claim their crypto in two installments. 

According to a March 21 court filing, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn approved an agreement allowing creditors that opt in to receive 72.5% of their crypto held in custody accounts – half of this will be paid up front, while the second half will be paid out at the end of the year. 

Under the agreement, these claimants cannot pursue any litigation, including relief from automatic stay or other claims, against Celsius. The terms also state that no Celsius employee or insider is eligible to participate in this settlement.

During the hearing, claims buyer Ezra Serrur requested that those creditors who sold their claims not be required to record video footage authorizing their withdrawal. Judge Glenn deemed it necessary for security purposes, and Celsius attorneys from Kirkland and Ellis weighed in saying such an accommodation would be offensive to the withdrawal process.

A bid protection motion which was on the agenda for this heading was moved to later this week, giving Celsius more time to work out better terms for its deal with investment firm NovaWulf. Earlier this month, Celsius said it was still open to better offers despite reaching a buyout agreement with NovaWulf.

According to data compiled by software developer Cam Crews, more than $140 million has been forked out to Celsius’ lawyers and advisors since the firm declared bankruptcy last year.