In this episode, artist Burak Arikan, founder of Graph Commons, talks about his latest project, Social Contracts, and how it aims to shed light on privacy issues in the digital art world. Listen as Arikan delves into the dual nature of his project and its implications for both art enthusiasts and privacy advocates.

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Show highlights:

  • The inception of Social Contracts and its dual purpose in the digital art world
  • How Social Contracts uses dynamic NFTs to visualize relationships between people and their art collections
  • The importance of privacy-preserving blockchains and Arikan’s take on the power accumulation issues in non-private blockchains
  • The “sweet sour” aspect of Social Contracts: exploring connections while emphasizing privacy concerns
  • Centralized vs. decentralized approaches in building the Social Contracts platform
  • Trading and exploring dynamic NFTs: how users can interact with their Social Contracts NFTs
  • Burak Arikan’s journey from MIT Media Lab to the world of digital art and NFTs