Bounties to incentivize crypto developers to build on Farcaster, a decentralized social network built on Ethereum, have started gaining traction with the advent of Frames, an innovation that turns posts on the network into interactive applications.

Since Friday, when Farcaster first released Frames, a number of bounties focused on encouraging people to build Frames have gone live. 

For example, the Farcaster account for Coinbase’s layer 2 blockchain network, Base, listed a bounty Tuesday afternoon, composed of ten grants each worth 0.2 ETH, about $476 at current prices, to motivate builders to build Frames. 

Shannon Wells, head of ecosystem growth at video streaming platform Livepeer, also posted a bounty yesterday offering three grants of one ETH ($2,378) each for the “coolest livestream and video hacks” that use Frames with Livepeer and Base. 

These two bounties are among 25 open Frames-related bounties currently on Bountycaster, an interface through which users can access a feed of bounties tied to Farcaster. These bounties are denominated in ETH, USDC, DEGEN and WARPS. DEGEN is a new memecoin on BASE, while WARPS are points on Warpcast, an interface on Farcaster akin to X, formerly known as Twitter. The open bounties range from as low as the equivalent of $5 to more than $2,000. 

Even though Frames was only recently rolled out, nine Frames-related bounties have already been completed, according to Bountycaster. 

One of the completed bounties came from Brian Guan, co-founder of crypto-native live-streaming platform Unlonely, who requested a Frame that analyzed a video trailer for “Love on Leverage,” a dating show on Unlonely. Meanwhile, Phil Mohun, founding DAO member of digital art gallery, Bright Moments, saw his $100 bounty for a Frame that displayed an NFT completed today.