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In this episode of Unchained, host Laura interviews Alexei Zamyatin, co-founder of Build on Bitcoin, Willem Schroé, founder of Botanix Labs, and Orkun Kılıç, co-founder of Chainway Labs. They discuss their respective projects, all of which are focused on developing Layer 2 solutions for Bitcoin.

Zamyatin’s Build on Bitcoin is a hybrid Layer 2 that connects to both Bitcoin and Ethereum, aiming to bring innovation back to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Schroé’s Botanix Labs is developing a decentralized Layer 2 solution using the ‘Spiderchain,’ which uses a series of multi-signature wallets to secure the chain. Kılıç’s Chainway Labs is building Citrea, a zk-Rollup on Bitcoin that aims to create a Bitcoin-backed economy.

All three projects are in various stages of development and testing, with BOB’s mainnet launch expected shortly.

Show highlights:

  • Introduction to Build on Bitcoin (BOB), Botanix, and Citrea: How they aim to innovate and expand Bitcoin’s capabilities, including their architectural designs that integrate Ethereum users and work toward decentralization and trustlessness
  • Security Aspects and Integration Strategies: What the security risks associated with BOB, Botanix, and Citrea are, and strategies to enhance decentralization over time
  • How these Layer 2s influence Bitcoin fees, and how Botanix’s integration can leverage the Bitcoin ecosystem, with insights on the potential of Layer 3s and zk-rollups to transform Bitcoin’s utility and fee dynamics
  • How these projects aim to attract Ethereum users and developers, and the reasons why this may be an attractive opportunity for them
  • How Runes, Ordinals, and BRC-20s operate on Citrea, Botanix, and BOB
  • How Bitcoin is always a derivative when it’s not in its Layer 1 and the pros and cons of different bridging solutions
  • The concept of forward secrecy and how it can help improve security in blockchains
  • Why Willem believes that Layer 3s are possible and bullish for Bitcoin
  • How “merged mining” resembles Ethereum’s restaking and why it’s positive for Bitcoin

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