Axelar has partnered with Microsoft to connect isolated networks and deliver easier on-ramps for enterprises and Web 3 startups, the blockchain bridge company said in a press release.

The collaboration will feature Axelar’s cross-chain communication network combined with the scale of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure, providing customers of the marketplace with an end-to-end blockchain interoperability solution.

Among these programmable solutions will be developer tools unique to Axelar’s JS SDK that will automate multichain deployments for decentralized applications. The Axelar General Message Passing (GMP) will also be available to developers looking to integrate functionalities independent of the blockchains that host them.

“By leveraging our strengths and expertise, we can empower organizations to embrace blockchain technology and transform their operations,” said Daniel An, the director of business development at Microsoft’s Web3 and AI division. 

As part of the partnership, the two will work together on solutions that would seamlessly connect private and public blockchains by leveraging Azure’s OpenAI services. Microsoft is a major shareholder in Open AI, having committed to a multibillion dollar investment in the firm earlier this year.

Axelar cofounder Sergey Gorbunov told Unchained that the grand challenge of getting AI into the mainstream was ensuring it could be trusted. AI and data models need to be kept private, he explained, adding that secure connections to blockchains could be used to prove and establish trust among customers regardless of where the data is queried from.

“With Microsoft, we are now also able to explore the possibility for other new frontiers in Web3, such as blockchain-enabled Open AI services and the integration of AI in future Web3 applications,” commented Gorbunov.