Miguel Morel, CEO of Arkham Intelligence, defended the upcoming Arkham Intel Exchange, a controversial new service, in an episode of Unchained Premium. The platform, positioned as a trading hub for on-chain data, will enable users to profit from selling information about blockchain wallets or their owners, a concept that has drawn significant objections due to privacy concerns within the crypto community.

Morel explained the workings of the Arkham Intel Exchange, the process of bounty submissions, and the types of data that will be made public or private on the platform. He also outlined how the company would verify the correctness of information provided by analysts, and how the ARKM token would be utilized.

In response to the community’s reaction, Morel addressed privacy concerns and questioned whether the backlash was an overreaction. Furthermore, he responded to issues concerning the non-encrypted referral links, indicating the company’s stance and planned actions to address the situation. Established in 2020, Arkham Intelligence aims to create a marketplace that engages users in an information trade while navigating privacy challenges inherent in the blockchain sphere.