Uniswap’s new crypto wallet is ready to go, but its launch on the iOS App Store is up for debate. 

In a statement to CoinDesk on Friday, Uniswap Labs said that Apple was yet to approve the crypto wallet on its app store for iPhone users. Uniswap Labs is the entity behind Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) by trading volume.

“Apple won’t yet green-light our launch and we don’t know why – we’ve responded to their concerns, answered every question and reiterated that we are 100% compliant with their specifications,” said a Uniswap Labs spokesperson.

Callil Capuozzo, design lead at Uniswap Labs, believes that neither the company nor the DEX need to fit into existing regulatory regimes to launch the wallet app.

Users can already set up a Metamask wallet through the iOS App Store – something that went live in 2020. Not only does Metamask offer DEX token swaps, it also routes certain trades through Uniswap.

“It’s a rulebook that nobody can read which is a really hard environment to operate in,” said Capuozzo to CoinDesk.

Uniswap’s planned mobile app is a self-custodial crypto wallet that would support backing up seed phrases on iCloud and push notifications when transactions are completed. The DEX announced early access to the app in a Mar. 3 press release, saying it was the best they could offer in light of Apple’s lack of final approval.

“Apple approved our first build in October but rejected the final build just a few days before our December launch,” said Uniswap in a statement.

For the time being, Uniswap plans to trial the app with a few thousand users on Apple’s beta testing service TestFlight, and will roll out early access codes across community channels over the next few weeks. 

“We like Apple products — that’s why we built our wallet for iOS. But this experience has reminded us why we got into building open, accessible technology in the first place,” said Uniswap.