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The political landscape in the US is heating up with the November elections, and the crypto industry is watching closely.

In this episode, Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge, doesn’t mince words and explains why he believes Joe Biden is the best choice—even for the crypto voter—in the upcoming election, the significance of the Ethereum ETF approval, and how the industry has overcome significant regulatory hurdles.

Scaramucci also shares his insights on the future of Bitcoin ETFs, the role of younger generations in driving crypto policy, and why Solana might be the next big thing.

Show highlights:

  • Why Anthony believes there’s only one choice in this election: Joe Biden
  • Why he thinks the crypto industry “has already won”
  • Whether the crypto industry should trust Trump with his pro-crypto comments
  • Why Anthony is convinced that the Biden administration has stopped its anti-crypto stance, even with the veto of the SAB 121 repeal
  • Why Anthony believes crypto is becoming a bipartisan issue, and how younger generations are driving this change in Washington
  • What three key elements would ideally be included in crypto legislation to ensure clarity and industry involvement in regulation
  • What happened to SkyBridge after selling a stake to FTX, and how they are riding the industry’s “upswing”
  • What developments in Bitcoin ETFs could signal its recognition as an asset class and drive institutional adoption
  • What led SkyBridge to abandon its Bitcoin ETF application
  • What Anthony thinks is the best pitch for a spot Ether ETF to TradFi, and how expected inflows compare to Bitcoin ETFs
  • Anthony’s praise of Laura’s book
  • Why Anthony believes a Solana ETF might be the next big thing in crypto, despite SEC scrutiny and the need for a futures market first
  • Why SkyBridge is actively seeking new acquisitions and partnering with Parcl, a Solana-based decentralized real estate trading app
  • What Anthony’s bullish predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum are in the current cycle

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