Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services has integrated infrastructure from Ava Labs to bring blockchain solutions to enterprises and governments.

In a Jan. 11 announcement, Ava Labs, the entity behind the Avalanche blockchain, said that AWS had added support for Avalanche’s infrastructure. This includes its ecosystem of decentralized applications and node deployment through the AWS marketplace.

The move was aimed at boosting institutional and enterprise adoption of blockchain solutions, said Ava Labs.

In particular, the functionality of node operators being able to deploy nodes on AWS GovCloud, an isolated AWS region which hosts sensitive cloud data, and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), a government program for continuous monitoring of cloud services, will make it easier for higher compliance-driven entities to integrate blockchain services.

The deal will also let parties using AWS to launch Avalanche’s custom “Subnets.” A Subnet is a network of Avalanche validators working together to achieve consensus on their own blockchains. These custom blockchains can have their own token and set of rules, outside of those that govern the underlying Avalanche blockchain itself.

“This functionality aims to include a feature to distribute validators securing the Subnet across different regions and availability zones to improve robustness,” said Ava Labs.

Ava Labs has also joined AWS Activate, meaning Avalanche developers will be extended the benefits of AWS credits, and has become a member of the AWS Partner Network.

At the time of writing, the AWS marketplace supports over 70 validated blockchain partners, including Ethereum and Algorand.