+ the top 5 leaders in crypto

Since I’m on vacation this week, I took the opportunity to pre-record an AMA with questions solicited over Twitter for Unconfirmed. Find out who I think are the top five leaders in crypto, what I dislike about being a crypto journalist, and how I prepare for interviews — plus where I think the industry is headed. And on Unchained, we heard stories from some of the earliest digital currency pioneers, David Chaum and Adam Back, in a fascinating, if at times contentious, interview. 

As for the news this week, what I caught between my time on the beach was more food-themed DeFi memes racking up millions in short order, tokenized BTC for DeFi being minted faster than they were being mined, and DeFi reaching $6 billion in total value locked (while Grayscale hit the same milestone in total AUM). Plus, Delphi Digital has a comprehensive report out on yield farming. I guess another tradition crypto is upending is the notion of a slow August … this week is a short newsletter, but we’ll be back with our normal weekly news recap next week. Happy lazy days of August!