After a hiatus of nearly three years, Keith Gill, better known by his internet alias “‘Roaring Kitty,” is back. 

Gill’s account on the social media platform X posted a single image on May 12 of a gamer sitting in a chair leaning forward —- an image that typically signals the sentiment of things getting serious within the gaming community. 

This image was Gill’s first post on either X or Reddit since 2021 and already has nearly 20 million views with over 10,000 responses. 

After the first post, Gill subsequently posted 11 clips of montages from popular films and series with no comment. It included scenes from Inglorious Bastards, The Avengers, The Wolverine, Ferris Buller’s Day Off, Breaking Bad, V for Vendetta, Final Fantasy, Game of Thrones, Remember the Titans, and Iron Man, among others. 

While Gill made no comments about the posts, many online have been guessing their hidden meaning. Here’s what we deduced:

1. “Fine I’ll do it myself” and the reemergence of Wolverine. 

The very first clip posted by Roaring Kitty included scenes from the Avengers and Wolverine. The Avengers clip showed a character sliding into his gear saying, “fine I’ll do it myself,” which appears as text in the video. This was followed by the scene from Wolverine where he was awakening with his bladed claws searing out from his fists. The feline nature of the Wolverine choice could signal Roaring Kitty being reawakened with some sort of duty that he feels he has been called to do; hence the “fine I’ll do it myself.” 

2. It’s not over.

Another montage began with a scene from Ferris Buller’s Day Off, in which the main character emerges saying, “you’re still here,” in a rather surprised tone, followed by “it’s over.” Then a scene from the hit television series Breaking Bad flashes in which the protagonist threateningly says, “we’re done when I say we’re done.” The Ferris Bueller reference likely signals surprise at the community response he received from his hundreds of thousands of loyal followers after resurfacing. After which he hinted at playing by his own rules, saying he will say when something is finished. Lastly, a sleeping cat in a window is shown waking up to some Radiohead lyrics which go, “wake from your sleep.” This again signals the awakening of a kitty with unfinished business.

3. There will be action.

Roaring Kitty then goes on to make multiple posts, which can be grouped together with the understanding that some type of action could possibly be in the near future. From V for Vendetta he highlights the phrase “First, the overture” signaling this is just the beginning. He also included a clip from Gangs of New York when Liam Neeson’s character (Vallon) asks Brendan Gleeson’s character (Monk) if he’s with him or not to which Monk responds, “For the last time Vallon, I’m with you if the money is right.” Vallon offers him a good price and Monk takes up his arms. Also, a music video from the rapper Ludacris with the lyrics “stand up! When I move you move.” These last messages could be a “call to arms” to his followers and community in preparation for his next big move. 

4. From zero to hero? 

After years of silence, is Roaring Kitty back to save the day? Another montage included scenes from the Avengers featuring Iron Man being asked by Nick Fury if he thinks he’s the only superhero in the world — or in other words, is he alone in this? Then Fury says, “I’m here to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative,” after which it flashes to scenes of a united mob of heroes going into battle. Is the Roaring Kitty community ready to become great again, Gill seems to be asking?

5. Get ready.

His most recent post was a clip from the British crime show Peaky Blinders that ends with the quote, “It’s going to be a busy few weeks brother,” which if taken literally can only mean one thing; in the next few weeks we can expect to see more of the Roaring Kitty and that he has something up his sleeve. 

Still Influential

Most of these clips left users with more questions than answers, with many questioning if the clips were supposed to tell a story altogether, while many others responded with “we’re back.” 

This sentiment refers to the community of day traders that got behind the stock for the brick-and-mortar video game retailers, GameStop, between 2020 and 2021 in a viral trend sparked by Gill’s online presence. 

After Roaring Kitty’s latest posts on social media, GameStop’s stock price soared as much as 110%, while the Solana token it inspired rose by a whopping 1,400%. The sudden volatility in GameStop’s stock caused trading to stop multiple times. AMC was another meme stock that was pulled into the 2021 GameStop movement, and on Monday its price jumped 75%. 

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While Gill has yet to make any statement in regards to his reemergence, his silent posts have already disrupted both the internet and Wall Street, and are keeping his fans waiting with bated breath.