OPNX, a new crypto exchange launched by Three Arrows Capital (3AC) founders Kyle Davies and Su Zhu, is off to a rocky start.

The exchange recorded just $1.26 in trading volume in the 24 hours that followed its launch, according to a report from CoinDesk on Wednesday. 

OPNX CEO Leslie Lamb attributed the lack of liquidity to the absence of internal market makers on the exchange. Speaking to CoinDesk on the subject, Lamb said that the exchange has no plans of awarding external market makers any preference and plans to roll out a marketing program with the goal of drawing more liquidity. 

Zhu explained that the exchange had decided to build liquidity “brick by brick” following the issues that Alameda serving as a market maker to FTX brought about.

The next day, OPNX had recorded $373 worth of trading volume, according to a tweet from Zhu. The uninspiring increase in liquidity prompted a slew of comments from on-lookers, poking fun at the 3AC founders’ new venture on Twitter.

Critics were also quick to remind Zhu and Davies that they are still liable to answer the subpoenas, served via Twitter, from 3AC’s liquidators.

OPNX’s official Twitter account was suspended later in the day, so the exchange has now set up a Chinese Telegram channel to facilitate communications.