Jeff Dorman, the chief investment officer at Arca, discusses the recent events surrounding SushiSwap, including CTO Joseph Delong’s departure this week, Arca’s proposal to create a hierarchical management structure for SushiSwap, and why Jeff is still excited about Arca’s investment in SushiSwap. Show topics:

  • what SushiSwap is and how it has performed since its inception
  • how Jeff views SushiSwap’s performance from an investor’s perspective
  • how the departure of 0xMaki affected SushiSwap
  • what Jeff thinks about the decentralization versus centralization 
  • why Jeff thinks SushiSwap is in a fantastic position in which to receive investment
  • what happened with the controversy around Joseph Delong leading to his resignation this week 
  • what Jeff thinks about how Joseph handled his departure
  • what three factors SushiSwap needs to figure out in order to function
  • why SushiSwap could benefit from creating a legal entity
  • why Jeff is in favor of hierarchical governance structures versus flat governance structures
  • how SushiSwap could become a trendsetter for DAOs in general

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